Friday, May 23, 2008

A two-bunny day

Storm-damp honeysuckle fills the air with memories. The giddy last days of school before being let free from chalk-dust shackles for another summer. Such magnificent freedom! A nearly endless expanse of three whole months ahead. Months in which to build Legos in the middle of the rug all day long or concoct action figure epics in the patio. Trampoline mornings, garden hose afternoons, and mosquito-hum evenings. Slamming aluminum screen doors, Caprisun pouches, and moss-filled sidewalk cracks. The ability to have sleepovers any night of the week! Bicycle figure-eights. Meatball alphabet soup lunch on dented PacMan tv trays. The unbearable burden of being forced to dress nice and spend an entire hour in church Sunday mornings.

Grieg's "Morning Mood" always makes me think of chicken and rice soup.
Dunno why.

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