Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tiny Mammals

I saw a pair of baby, or juvenile, squirrels playing and rummaging side by side in my front yard today.  Too cute!  They got startled and froze in the same position, in the same direction, at the edge of a wall.  Looked like a pair of little squirrel sentry statues.

I'm a big Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, although I didn't get into it until the show was almost over.. around season 8.  When I lived in CA and didn't have the Sci Fi channel, my dad was kind enough to tape and mail them to me.  I have stacks of video tapes of old shows.  I decided it was time to modernize, so I've been working on getting them onto dvd.  It's a slow process.. it takes an awful long time to burn a movie to dvd, but it sure will be a space saver.

Saw a Florentine (double-flogging) demo the other week.  I always wanted to know how to do that.  I've been practicing a little, but my left arm just isn't as strong or as coordinated as my right, so it gets tiring very quickly.  Clumsy, too.  I always get my falls tangled.  And getting your floggers all tangled is no way to impress someone.

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