Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Foggy dew

Just went for a walk in the dense fog out there.  It's so thick I could barely see to the end of the street, then everything blurs away.  Forlorn yet beautiful.  It's gonna turn into a sauna later today, for sure.  I always wanted to hang out somewhere where the fog creeps across the ground in wisps, layers revealing, concealing.  The only place I've been where I actually saw that was when driving through the redwoody hills on the coast, a ways north of San Francisco.  Very pretty out there.

Nothing much has happened lately, except I did finally break down and order a dollfie.  They're expensive but I've wanted one for so long.  I just hope I don't get ripped off.   It'll take weeks for it to get here anyway.

There's a chipmunk living in my front yard!

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