Friday, May 19, 2006

I sense people

Uh oh.  I think there are people moving in next door.  That house has been empty for a couple years now, and I liked it that way.  Now I'll have to worry about the sounds of spankings.  It's difficult to instill proper discipline when one is walking on eggshells!  Well, perhaps it won't be so noticeable.
I took too long of a nap today, it'll probably mess up my sleeping for days.

I spent a couple hours looking through personals at various bdsm sites.  It seems the ones I'm most interested in are all taken and not looking (then why do you have a personal ad?).  And, ironically, a lot of the most interest-compatible ones are a little too wild for me.  I'm just boring, I guess, but I just don't enjoy clubbing and partying.  Living in Arkansas is a problem, and not simply because the scene here is so scanty.  I realize I'll likely have to relocate someone to me.  Problem is, I doubt there's too many who live in NY or CA who would want to move into the middle of nowhere and leave all that behind.  Kinda narrows the options a little.

People say you find what you want when you're not looking for it.  But the people who say that probably have never been alone for years and years.

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