Monday, February 15, 2016


Excitement abounds!  My novella Heartless is now available as an e-book on Amazon!  Released on Valentine's Day, don't you know.  How appropriate!  How romantic...

"In this darkly romantic, psychological thriller of love, loyalty and cruelty, Layla is on a desperate hunt for her missing girlfriend Iris. Bizarre, sweet Iris has a mysterious past which she refuses to explain, yet the crimes done against her are etched into her body and mind. Layla fears the worst: that the people who once held Iris captive for many years have located and kidnapped her. But Layla’s mission falters when she finds herself, alone and helpless, in the clutches of that same sadistic cult. Faced with a terrible monster from Iris's past, Layla doubts she will be able to free herself, much less rescue her missing lover. Will her love be strong enough to save her and find mercy in the hearts of the merciless? Do you ever really know the person with whom you are sharing your bed?"

I worked really hard over the past month or so getting this together and looking nice, since it's my first time doing the layout and conversion.  I had to learn from the ground up.  Sooo much research.  But I wanted to make it a quality product for my wonderful readers, so it was worth it.  I also did the cover art and photography, thanks to a great friend who was willing to surrender her flesh and bleed for art.

And now it's out there, for all the world to see.  If you've read it and enjoyed it, please consider leaving a kindly review on Amazon.  It really helps get other people interested!

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wellthatisgr8 said...

Sorry for saying this here, it has nothing to do with the post you made, but i failed for some reason to message you privately on your blog. delete this if you want form this place but respond if you feel so im at

hey, sorry for not saying hi years ago, when i found your blog and gallery as a young teenager... i really like you and i just periodically found myself typing evil dolly and finding you after months and even years at times bcs i would remember your drawings of anal and or vaginal stretching and abuse. You do indeed seem to be the only person that has a concept of defeminisation combined with BDSM conected the way you do, sorry i cant remember where exactly in your artwork. Should i mention that i am a submissive male, and therefore even the fact you are a dominatrix is a plus. Should i mention that i am not native to english witch is why i form sentences weirdly XD? I hope it's not to late for you to read this, i just saw your about me page once again after years... you seem like a lovable person :) in conclusion i deem you as somewhat an important person in the world. i really hope you read this and respond so that i know you did.