Sunday, May 13, 2007

May Things

I went to a sub friend's graduation this weekend (congrats!).  It occured to me that I was at another sub friend's graduation this time last year.  Is there a pattern forming?  I wonder what graduation I'll be at next year.

I got a bug to try and organize some things and get rid of some old unwanted and unneeded stuff.  Or, at the very least, make better space for it.  Storage is a problem in my house.  Contrary to what one might think upon entering my house, I really do like open, uncluttered spaces... as opposed to a house full of junk rooms.  There's just not that much space to put things out of the way.  I don't have much in the way of closets and so forth.  I do have a store room out back, but it's outside and gets kinda damp... just not the best place for perishables.  So, mostly what I do is just throw a little away while moving stuff from room to room. 

I decided the current tossing-and-moving project should be these old National Geographic magazines I inherited.  They take up about 25 feet of shelf space I could be using for other things.  There's problems involved.  The shelves are way up high, like ten to fourteen feet off the ground, and a little out of my reach.  I can get to the lower ones on a small wooden ladder I have, but the higher ones taunt me.  I'm going to have to use the old, aluminum, outsidesy ladder to get to them.  But it's covered with leaves and dirt and junk.  While I leaned it against the fence to hose it off, I got to thinking (as I envisioned weaving a heavy ladder through a room with breakables and computers) that maybe this isn't such a bright idea, and that someone ought to be talking me out of it.  Well, there's no one around to do so, so I guess I'll press ahead.

The second problem is what to do with all the darn magazines once I get them down.  Seems a waste to throw them away, as some are pretty old and must be worth something to someone.  There's already a glut of them on eBay, though, and they're only going for pennies each.  Maybe if there aren't any friends who want them, I can drop them off at the library for one of their sales or something.  I'm sure they'd reward my donation with sour looks.

I saw two baby bunnies the other day.  Isn't that special?

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