Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's almost here!

That's right!  It's almost... Wookiee Life Day!

Anyone else ever see that horrid xmas special from the 70's, or was it just me?

Anyway, got all my shopping done, most of my presents wrapped, and everything's ready to go.  All that's missing is a slave to do simply awful things to in celebration of the holiday season.  oh well, can't have everything, I guess.

Just when a slave would be most handy, too!  My yard guy disappeared off the face of the earth, so now my yard is buried under a thick drift of dead leaves.  I like leaves, but this is ridiculous.  I'm reluctant to pick just anyone from the phone book, because most of them charge an arm and a leg for leaf removal.  Hundreds of dollars.  Do it myself, you say?  Hmph.  What's the fun in that?

I got a couple pictures of my tree, but they didn't turn out too good.  The color is washed out.  It kinda glows hot pink in the dark, but in these pictures it just looks kinda bluish purple.

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