Friday, September 1, 2006

Dude! I'm eating!

Just went for a walk.  There's a hint of coolness in the air, at long last.  This has been a pretty hot summer.  They say it'll be a cold winter, too.  But it's too soon to think about that.  I'm just happy to have it a little less hot.  The small of my back is bruised from sitting in an uncomfortable wooden chair during a long meeting.  Darnit.

In the middle of street, I came across a two foot long, speckled snake.  Even though I live right across from a small wood, that's unusual.  Aside from a couple flat garter snakes in the road, I don't think I've seen any snakes around here since I was a young child.   So that's cool.  I shooed it back into the bushes, fearing it would get run over.

Today I rented another bad 'scary' movie.  When will I ever learn??

So I was in McDonalds today.  It's kind of a rare treat for me cause the one closest to me closed down and got bulldozed into rubble.  Anyway, I'm at the counter and some tall, lanky guy pops out of the back to tell me that my hair is long.  "Mine's long too, but it's under my hat," he says.  Okaaay.   I know my hair is long.  It's my hair.  I grew it, all on my lonesome.

So then I'm sitting down and eating my filet o fish, just minding my business.  The guy comes up to my table to tell me how, with my hair, I remind him of a character on one of his favorite anime shows.  I smile with my mouth full and nod in the right places until he went away.  Dude must have a thing for hair, I dunno.

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