Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad chair. Bad.

To accompany the previous entry's rant on incompatible spectacles, I'll mention computer chairs.  It's only fair.

My old computer chair was getting a little long in the tooth, loosing wheels and such.  As I sat lopsided on a half-wheeled chair, I thought 'Might be time for a new chair.'  So I went to the office place and sampled many chairs, some comfortable, some painful.  I picked a chair only to find, once assembled, it didn't quite work for me.  See, most of the time I perch here cross-legged.  It's just the most comfortable way for me.  That only works if you don't have pointy chair arms digging into your thighs.  I got bruised!  So I took it back and got a nice, comfy leather chair with plenty of sitting-space.  Except that one was too wide to fit under the desk so I had to lean forward to type, and that's just not gonna work.  So I got a third chair, which is kinda hard and small, but it fits under the desk and allows me to cross-leg it.  Except the tilt tension is so tight that even at it's lowest setting, it's very hard to recline.  Nothing's easy!

Had a heating and air guy here the other day giving me an estimate on some damaged crawlspace ductwork (don't know how, but a duct had come loose of the floor and has been air conditioning the basement for god knows how long).  So anyway, while he's looking around for a place to put some additional intake vent space, he looks inside my understair closet.  In the rear wall of that closet (which is about ten feet deep), I have a very heavy chain bolted and hanging down (above an old bath mat for comfort, aren't I nice?).  It's impossible to miss.  He was silent for long moments while looking in the closet, but he didn't say a word.  Good for him.

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